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How to deal with hot and cold temperatures

On cold days heat the panel or bumper with your heat gun so that it's not cold to the touch. I also heat the metal hopper the paint and clear sits in so that it helps stay warmer. The most important factor to pay attention to is the speed of the reducer or activator you are using.

Here is a good rule of thumb I use.

  • For temperatures under 10 degrees celcius use a FAST reducer or activator
  • For temperatures over 10 degrees celcium but under 20 degrees celcius use a MEDIUM reducer or activator
  • For temperatures over 20 degrees celcius but under 35 degrees celcius use a SLOW reducer or activator
  • For temperatures over 35 degrees celcius you can find retarders on the market to slow the process down

On hot days pay attention to the sun, if your painting a black car on a hot day try to park it in the shade, if shade is not available try to angle the car so the sun is not beating on it making the substrate temps reach more than 50 degrees celcius.

f you require training please contact Spray King and we can teach you everything you need to know and be a confident mobile repair tech.

Good luck!

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