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How to deal with metallic flips and flops

There are so many variables to this issue and every expert will tell you a different solution. This is what works for me on a day to day basis in the wholesale and retail markets.

I finish off all repair areas with 600 grit then spray clear adhesion promoter over the 600 grit scratches. This will help fill in the scratches which results in the metallics laying down instead of standing up in the scratches.

When covering up primer lay down a couple light coats and keep it central to just the primer areas. Don't freak out thinking the color your mixed is WAY off, what you see is normal. Once you get basic coverage then do you finishing coats. When blending out your base coat blend out and down. Never stop in a solid line. Proper spray gun technique is required to achieve great results. If you require training contact Spray King.

Your spray gun pressure and amount of product will result in metallic orientation. A lower air pressure results in a darker finish while a higher air pressure results in a lighter finish. If you develope a good spray gun technique you will find that you can have a color that doesn't quite match and you can still make a blendable repair. Blending is an art and Spray King can teach you if you are serious about mobile paint repair industry.

This is basic information and expected that your experienced in performing mobile paint repairs. If you require training please contact Spray King and we can teach you everything you need to know and be a confident mobile repair tech.

Good luck!

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