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How to fix a clear coat run or sag

If you layed down your clear coat and have an ugly run or sag don't worry.We all get runs (especially when dealing with weather conditions), so if your new don't beat yourself up about it or lose sleep. No need to freak out! Here are a few things to help you out next time you get one.

First thing to do is assess the area around the run. Does the run over or start on a bodyline or edge? If the run is in an open area take some 1500 grit wet sand paper and wet sand the run. I don't typically use a block myself but it is recommended if you have sanded through the runs on many occassions.

Lightly sand the run while applying the water, check regularly and feel if the run is still there. Once you get the run feeling smooth, dry it off, clean the area, then polish out the sand scratches. Don't forget to look on various angles as sometimes you can still see a wavy look even tho you may not really feel it. Pretty simple process providing your run isn't as long as a bus ticket from the east coast to the west coast. : )

If your run is over a bodyline or edge you MUST BE CAREFUL. You can knock down the high spots of the run with 1500 grit or just use 2000 grit. Take your time, it's easier to remove more clear than it is to have to re-spray the job if you buff through it. Burning through an edge is really easy with a rotary buffer. If you are not experienced or have troubles with a buffer I highly recommend an orbital buffer. It's near impossible to buff through an edge with an orbital buffer but takes a much longer time to remove scratches with. If your using a rotary buffer I recommend using one with variable speeds and running it on one of the lowest speeds. I sometimes even tape edges just incase (sometimes I put a couple layers of tape on an edge if running the buffer at high speeds).

Be patient, you will be suprised at what you can wet sand and buff out if you don't lose your cool.

This is basic information and expected that your experienced in performing mobile paint repairs. If you require training please contact Spray King and we can teach you everything you need to know and be a confident mobile repair tech.

Good luck!

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