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How to repair fisheye's

First thing I can recommend is CLEAN, CLEAN and CLEAN again!

But as we all know being in the mobile paint repair industry there are thing's beyond our control. BUT .. there are things beyond our control we can be aware of to help us reduce this nightmare.

  1. Look over the vehcile your working on. Has it been detailed? Is it covered in silicone?
  2. Tire bag the tires, tire dressing can come off in the wind and wreck your job.
  3. If your doing a blend, clean the whole area and SURROUNDING area!
  4. While working on dealership lots or rental company lots always keep an eye out for the detailing lot guys, make sure you tell them not to spray chemicals before your paint. But be nice to them, never be rude about it. Your the Pro, not them.

Even after paying attention to all this stuff you will still enter into the nightmare of fisheye's. So from here this is what I do to keep from wanting to quit! haha.

If you notice fisheye (FE) during primer or base coat, you can clean even more and try to evaluate where the source is. I use final wipe over the base coat before I clear to make sure there is no FE still on the job. Do not use wax and greese on the base, this will eat the base color.

As soon as I notice (FE) while spraying the clear coat I STOP! Continuing to spray you will surely have FE over the entire area you will spray. Depending on how bad it is you can add some FE reducer, flash off that coat of clear and spray another coat letting the FE flow out. Be careful you don't get a nasty run or sag.

If you finish clearing the job and notice a small area with FE I have done a couple tricks.

  1. Let the clear flash off, add FE reducer and add another coat and let it flow out
  2. Don't heat cure the job, let it flow out. Alot of times if the FE is small enough the clear coat will flow out.
  3. I have sprayed straight reducer or blender on the FE and let it flow out. Be careful doing this.

This is basic information and expected that your experienced in performing mobile paint repairs. If you require training please contact Spray King and we can teach you everything you need to know and be a confident mobile repair tech.

Good luck!

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