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How to select your sandpaper grits

The easiest way to select your sandpaper grits is to assess each job. If you repair job needs to be taken down to bare metal and filled or to bare plastic and filler I typically start the repair with 120grit. Unless the damage requires a dent pull on the metal or a plastic weld I would take it down fast with a 36grit disk on a drill gun. This gives the filler lots to bite into and is less likely to peel off.

If the damage is light and no filler is required I use 220grit or 240 grit, whichever is typically available at the jobber store. I also use this 220/240 to knock down any filler done from a repair that started with 120 or lower grit. Once the repair area is feathered out with 220/240 clean the area and spray your primer over the 220/240 scratches.

If the damage is very minor you could start the repair with 400 grit if the repair doesnt break through to bare metal or plastic. If primer is needed I recommend going with 220/240.

On solid colors such as white, black, red, or blue you can finish and paint over 400. I typically get in the habbit of using 600 grit. With metallics you want 600 or higher. The metallics will lay in the scratches and stand up causeing flips and flops in the color match. To prevent this when finishing with 600 grit I spray adhesion promoter over the 600 scratches. This helps with adhesion and also fills in the scratches helping the metallics lay down nicer.

Once finished up with the 600 spray your base. Remember that more light coats of paint are better than heavy coats. They dry faster with light coats and the finished result is much nicer too.

This is basic information and expected that your experienced in performing mobile paint repairs. If you require training please contact Spray King and we can teach you everything you need to know and be a confident mobile repair tech.

Good luck!

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